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This webpage contains all supplementary elements for the application of Philippe Esling to a Congé pour Projet Pédagogique (CPP) as Associate Professor in Section 27 (Computer science).

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esling [at] ircam (dot) fr

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The main file contains all the principal information on teaching, research and administrative duties as well as supplementary files for the application.

Main CPP application - Philippe Esling

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Multiobjective time series matching

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Pour chaque membre du jury, un lien est disponible vers sa page personnelle, contenant son CV et ses activités de recherche.

Research information

I currently direct the ACIDS (Artificial Creative Intelligence and Data Science) group at IRCAM, where we seek to model musical creativity through variational learning approaches. Our major object of study lies in the properties and perception of both musical orchestration and musical co-improvisation. Orchestration is the subtle art of writing musical pieces for orchestra, by combining the spectral properties of each instrument to achieve a particular sonic goal. In this context, the multivariate analysis of temporal processes is required given the inherent multidimensional nature of instrumental mixtures. Furthermore, time series need to be scrutinized at variable time scales (termed here granularities) as a wealth of time scales co-exist in music (from the identity of single notes up to the structure of entire pieces). Furthermore, orchestration lies at the exact intersection between the symbol (musical writing) and signal (audio recording) representations.